Sarah von Pollaro’s Flowers

creating a lifestyle movement

Sarah von Pollaro is the owner of a very successful floral design company called Urban Petals. It is the kind of place where you’d go when you need, say, 200,000 flowers arranged for your event. Massively impressing, talented and acclaimed. Sarah came to us with a question: ‘how can I take what the beauty of flowers has done for me, in my life, and give it to everyone in the world?’ Sarah had taken a very personal journey of finding joy and happiness through her passion for floral design, and that had given her plenty of business success as the most respected event florist in the capital, but also personal growth in the way of “living more fully.” Giving back had always been part of Sarah’s business—the thousands of flowers she has donated and delivered to women’s shelters and other nonprofits, but when she came to Little Unicorns, Sarah was looking for something much bigger.

The lifestyle movement roadmap grew out of thorough market research, qualitative and quantitative, and “competitive” analysis (in earnest, we discovered there Flower Empowered had no direct competitors, so benchmarking was done again similar lifestyle personas or brands, like celebrity trainers, chefs, and others), by identifying actionable insights for the movement’s target audiences, and by developing an execution plan that was viable for our client—since the movement is centered around her magnetic personality, as a busy business owner Sarah had to become disciplined about what she can take on to make her giving back venture effective, sustainable and rewarding. We created a series of promotional, recruitment and engagement tactics, and we called the first chapter of the movement plan “Your First 50 Followers.” With that, we made it very easy for Sarah and her team to begin executing without a sense of overwhelming vastness, but with a simple and achievable goal. We invite you to visit SVP Flowers, where the budding movement is centered, and peek into the gorgeous world of floral design. It will do you a lot of good.