Brand is everything—for an organization, company or an individual. It’s the series of accumulated experiences others have with you.  We don’t just mean visual identity. Typography, color and aesthetic all play an invaluable role in advancing your “business.” But brand permeates everything you do. Every touchpoint, email, tweet, transaction, every interaction that your audience has with you, make up the sum total of one’s brand experience. Really, your brand is you.

Brand is the most important strategic asset of any enterprise, and it should be managed as such—thoughtfully and deliberately. More than a product, cause, or public figure, your brand is the source of something important in people’s lives, and it’d serve you well to consider the significance of this fact. The insight you gain in return will deepen your relationships with those most important to you. Knowing what you mean to people and communicating on that platform of honesty is the single most important business action you can take to become noticed, appreciated and recommended.

We work with cause-based organizations (as that’s where our interests lie) and often sense an unwillingness to be excellent at marketing, communications and brand-building. We quietly, but resolutely, disagree.  We build nonprofit brands that are as significant as any other. The next Apple could be a 501(c)(3). But first, there has to be a recognition of the value of brand, then an overcoming of misconceptions and a growing comfortable with entrepreneurship and creative communications. Little Unicorns was founded to be a sherpa on this journey.