Looking for a Senior Account Executive

By September 11, 2016Agency

A thoughtful communicator with heart and talent who doesn’t take themselves too seriously; a marketer with intuition who’s fluent in the fundamentals but hungry to learn and think for themselves; a lover of people, animals and nature.

Our new dream Unicorn…

  • Ideally has five years of experience in client management and digital marketing. If you have more or less experience, we’d love to hear from you, too.
  • Is skilled in social media strategy, content generation, and online supporter and customer engagement.
  • Has some experience in document or web design. (Not a must.)
  • Thinks entrepreneurially about promoting the agency and supports new business efforts.
  • Multi-tasks like a boss, handling a variety of clients at any given time and neglecting not a one.
  • Understands this mantra: “How you deliver the work is as important as the work, itself.”
  • Thinks more in terms of opportunities and less in terms of problems.
  • Likes dogs.
  • Is based in D.C. More or less.

Little Unicorns is a 3-year-old marketing and communications agency headquartered in Washington, DC. Our clients love us because we create stunningly beautiful communications things; we are thoughtful, impeccable in our delivery, and unwilling to copy and paste; and because we’re FUN. In addition to developing our own brand, this position will support three of our major practice areas: energy efficiency, global health, and startups. In other words, your clients will range from a local flower shop to the Department of Energy. Most of our clients are based in Washington, D.C., Geneva and Seattle. Among other things, we are extremely concerned with happiness, so you can expect a most flexible work environment that fits into your life, not the other way around. It’s not too good to be true. Please tweet or email to express interest.