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Three Takeaways from #AMANP

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A buzzing, lunch-eating crowd sat there on Monday afternoon, eagerly waiting to hear Martha Adams, Girl Rising CCO, speak on “The Keys to Fueling a Global Movement.” From the stage, Conference Chair, Mike Gardner, stood tall and smiling as he explained that it was the hope of the American Marketing Association Nonprofit Marketing Conference board that each attendee leaves every presentation and workshop holding onto ‘three takeaways.’ “And write them down,” he added. But, rather than give you each triplet, I discuss below the three overall lessons that I left the 2017 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference with, all inspired by…

What is Brand?

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Brand is everything—for an organization, company or an individual. It’s the series of accumulated experiences others have with you.  We don’t just mean visual identity. Typography, color and aesthetic all play an invaluable role in advancing your “business.” But brand permeates everything you do. Every touchpoint, email, tweet, transaction, every interaction that your audience has with you, make up the sum total of one’s brand experience. Really, your brand is you. Brand is the most important strategic asset of any enterprise, and it should be managed as such—thoughtfully and deliberately. More than a product, cause, or public figure, your brand is…

Free Marketing Advice from Lady Lyra

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Very Important Advice from our very own Very Important Unicorn New on the marketing scene and wanting to make a splash? Or, maybe you’re an old pro looking for a fresh outlook? You’ve come to the right place. Lady Lyra knows what she’s talking about, and she’ll tell it to you straight. So will her friends. More below. 💁 (And, check back each week so that you don’t fall behind.) #Free #marketing #advice from Siblie of @HumaneRescue: "You must tell stories effectively to draw people to your cause." #AdoptDontShop — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 27, 2017 #Free #marketing #advice from…

The Pulse of Global Health

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Congratulations to our awesome client PSI on the launch of PSI Pulse: their new quarterly report about what’s new and bold in the world of global health. We’re grateful to have been a part of the project. Check out the website and spread the word about PSI’s tremendously important work around the world. (Yes, we helped with all that.)

Looking for a Senior Account Executive

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A thoughtful communicator with heart and talent who doesn’t take themselves too seriously; a marketer with intuition who’s fluent in the fundamentals but hungry to learn and think for themselves; a lover of people, animals and nature. Our new dream Unicorn… Ideally has five years of experience in client management and digital marketing. If you have more or less experience, we’d love to hear from you, too. Is skilled in social media strategy, content generation, and online supporter and customer engagement. Has some experience in document or web design. (Not a must.) Thinks entrepreneurially about promoting the agency and supports…

The Week in Five Tweets

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This week on Keeping Up With the Unicorns: Monday 👽 | Tuesday 👻 | Wednesday 🍩 | Thursday 😻 | Friday 🍴 We did a lot of good eating, and tried a magical mystical beverage, and Tuesday, the office was a ghost town. (We hope you’ve enjoyed this season of Keeping Up With the Unicorns!) #Monday: Should not have drank from that unmarked bottle in the galley… 👽 — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 29, 2016 #Tuesday: The office was empty 👀 — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 29, 2016 #Wednesday: Finally tried Astro Doughnuts – and yes, that’s bacon on top 🍩 — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 29,…

The Week in Five Tweets

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This week on Keeping Up With the Unicorns: Monday ⁉️ | Tuesday 👍 | Wednesday 😭 | Thursday ‍‍‍👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 | Friday 😄 We discovered a new chair… and a new family member, and Tuesday, we represented LU with pride because, well, we rock… 😉 (Remember to tune in next week for more Keeping Up With the Unicorns!) #Monday: A mystery rocking chair appeared at @WeWork Wonder Bread Factory… — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 22, 2016 #Tuesday: Sported agency pride — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 22, 2016 #Wednesday: The emotional support animal refused to work overtime — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 22, 2016 #Thursday: Spotted one of our…

The Week in Five Tweets

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This week on Keeping Up With the Unicorns: Monday 👾 | Tuesday 🍸 | Wednesday 🎉 | Thursday 🎾 | Friday ☀️ We expanded our team, got a little sporty, and had a few… only a few… drinks. More below. (Remember to tune in next week for more Keeping Up With the Unicorns!) #Monday: Our new intern had a great first day! 👍 — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 15, 2016 #Tuesday: Took happy hour to a new level… 🚀 — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 15, 2016 #Wednesday: Celebrated a loved one’s awesome news 🎉😊 — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 15, 2016 #Thursday: 8:30pm – Finally caught up on @Wimbledon 🎾🍹💻 —…

The Week in Five Tweets

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This week on Keeping Up With the Unicorns: Monday 🇺🇸 | Tuesday 🐶 | Wednesday 😭 | Thursday 🌴 | Friday 💁🏻 We spent some time outside, and with our furry friends, and our Monday was… well, no one seems to remember Monday. Details below. (Remember to tune in next week for more Keeping Up With the Unicorns!) #Monday: — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 8, 2016 #Tuesday: LU started offering -sitting services. -sitting coming next. — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 8, 2016 #Wednesday: Worked outside because there are never any outlets available inside… — Little Unicorns (@unicornlittles) July 8, 2016 #Thursday: A rare sighting – in…

Decadent Identity Design

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Instead of clean, modern, symbolic and smart, (the values taught in logo design school) we needed to go in the opposite direction with Phoenix Event Design. Decadence, intricate detail, uniqueness: those were the elements we worked with to convey the fabulous qualities of an event design genius whose mission is to create moments in people’s lives that will never be forgotten. Full Phoenix Event Design case study.

Making our local community stronger

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UPO has helped thousands of D.C. families navigate a path out of poverty. They offer youth and education services, job trainings and financial assistance. Working with UPO was of particular significance as we knew we were helping to strengthen the community we love. Check out the full brand refresh and web design case study.

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SEAD is at the forefront of a global effort to encourage the development and adoption of energy efficient appliances in countries and regions all over the world. It’s the kind of place policy makers, scientists, and manufacturers go to learn from each other, collaborate, and be inventive, all under the banner of a more prosperous tomorrow, environmentally and economically. SEAD came to Little Unicorns with two requests: 1) Recreate the organization’s brand identity; and 2) Rebuild its website, which happens to be their most strategic communications asset—internally and externally. Check out the full case study.

Flower Empowered: creating a lifestyle movement

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Sarah von Pollaro is the owner of a very successful floral design company called Urban Petals. It is the kind of place where you’d go when you need, say, 200,000 flowers arranged for your event. Massively impressing, talented and acclaimed. Sarah came to us with a question: ‘how can I take what the beauty of flowers has done for me, in my life, and give it to everyone in the world?’ Sarah had taken a very personal journey of finding joy and happiness through her passion for floral design, and that had given her plenty of business success as the…

United Planning Organization

Hometown Pride

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Check out the fabulous new website of D.C.’s United Planning Organization, and their fresh brand identity! Since we are based in the nation’s capital, we loved partnering with one of the hardest working community organizations, dedicated to improving communities and making D.C. a better place to live.. Congrats on the launch, UPO! We’re grateful for the opportunity. (Services provided: brand identity development, communications, strategy, web design, web development.)

2014 Strategy Roundup

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We love when we work on projects that have a visible and beautiful public component to them, so we, as the proud agency partner, can promote our amazing clients. However, most often we are hired for our strategic chops, and when was the last time you heard someone say “Wow, your strategy looks amazing!” So, to not leave anyone out, here’s a shoutout to all the organizations who partnered with Little Unicorns on communications strategy work in 2014. Check them out! American Medical Association American Urological Association Cause IQ Urban Petals Now you know why they are all doing so…

Here’s What Oprah Taught Me About Running A Small Business

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Last week, I attended Oprah’s The Life You Want weekend tour, a two-day event where Oprah and a few of her chosen disciples talked to 10,000 women (and me) about transforming our lives, taking charge, and making things happen. New York Magazine describes the spectacle perfectly: In eight cities, she is offering fans two days of Oprah, including dancing, drinking, journaling, empowerment, enlightenment, an assortment of OWN-approved “trailblazers,” and a temporary merch city called O-Town. The tour is Oprah’s Biggest Dream, but it’s also the Biggest Dream of many attendees, who paid anywhere between $95 and $999 (plus the cost…

Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows

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The little treat has over 10 million views, and for good reason. Let’s dance on rainbows into the weekend, shall we?

Here’s How To Spy On Your AdWords Competition (And Improve Your AdWords Campaign) With Keyword Monitoring

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An important part of running a successful AdWords campaign is keyword monitoring. The idea is to Google your own AdWords keywords and evaluate the ads that show up as result. Who is bidding on your keywords? What is their ad copy like? Where do they rank? Sometimes, keyword monitoring leaves you assured that you’re miles ahead of the competition. Other times, you discover that you have some work to do! The Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool in AdWords is perfect for keyword monitoring. It lets you conduct Google searches without running up your ad impressions and ruining your performance data….

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Facebook’s emotional experiment proves nothing

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Oh yes, they did. Facebook scientists have used a “small” (shy of 700K) fraction of their users as lab mice, on whom they conducted psychological experiments. Not only that, but they published their findings under the headline of “Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks.” In short, Facebook was looking to dispel the evidence and personal experience of many who felt that spending time on the social network reduces satisfaction with real life due to the feeling of inadequacy generated by friends’ lives as portrayed in the News Feed. Naturally, Facebook’s study concluded that Facebook happiness generates Facebook…

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Press “Execute”

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For me, marketing campaigns fall somewhere on the spectrum of “wish this never happened” to “what just happened!” Allow me to elaborate: The reality is that many campaigns score just above the break-even point. Some do better. A small handful do great. And one or two transcend their creators and become iconic (Absolut’s bottle), planet-engulfing (“We are the world”), or just badass (Apple’s “1984”, Clairol’s “Does she… or doesn’t she”). It used to be that you needed an incredible creative idea and a huge ad budget in order to generate real results for your brand. Obviously, the game is completely…

But, Unicorns Don’t Poop!

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I spent a fair amount of time over the last few days watching this woman’s YouTube videos as part of a research project. Naturally, she has a video about baking cookies that look like unicorn poop. Two million views. What a world!

twin cities pride

Show Your Colors, Twin Cities

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Congratulations to our client Twin Cities Pride on the launch of their beautiful new website, just ahead of the 2014 Pride Festival. Loaded with style and substance, we designed this website with mobile users as the main focus. During the week of Pride, the website becomes the ultimate tool for navigating all events and festivities, with the majority of site traffic coming from mobile devices. Give them a shout! (Services provided: communications strategy, web design, and web development.)

US Airways Tweeted Something Insane. Now What?

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They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, except for when you distribute a photo of a model airplane nosediving into a vagina to potentially millions of people. Surprisingly, this is exactly what happened to US Airways yesterday. Huge brands tweeting insane things is something that takes place from time to time. Here is our helpful FAQ to the US Airways incident. What the heck is happening in that photo?! The photo leaves far more questions than it does answers, to say the least. How did it end up in a US Airways tweet? The US Airways Twitter handle…

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Hear a Unicorn Speak

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At Little Unicorns, we believe in sharing our knowledge and thoughts with the universe. We’re ever-so-eager to come out and meet new people and make new friends. There’s demand for smart social media speakers, but we have something better: smart unicorn speakers. You can ask us to come to your conference, participate on your webinar, or join your team meeting. We’ll work with you to tailor our content to your organization’s specific circumstances. Here’s a list of topics we’ve presented previously: Social Media Basics: how not to be basic in social media. Picking Your Battlefields: the platforms where your brand…

How To Get Your Brand’s Social Media Followers To Hate You

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With the recent news of Facebook supposedly squeezing brand pages out of users’ News Feeds, there is renewed pressure among community managers to do a better job of reaching their audience and engaging them in ways that yield some semblance of measurable ROI. But today, I don’t want to talk about driving followers down the purchase funnel. I want to talk about driving followers insane. By engaging in the “worst practices” in social media content I’ve detailed below, community managers run the risk of making followers frustrated and annoyed—not just with the content, but with the brand itself. And it’s…

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Brand Yo Self

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Let’s talk about digital personal branding. In other words, what would I see when I google you and start checking out your online footprint and fingerprints. No, the answer isn’t “well, I’m just going to make it so no one can find me.” At least this isn’t the answer if one’s interested in putting the digital channel to work—for professional or personal advancement. Instead, each of us has to embrace it and take as much control of it as possible, or else, you risk being branded by friend and foe in the larger online community. Just as you wouldn’t want…

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You can’t always be creative, but you can always be strategic

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During the decades (yikes, I measure time in decades now), we’ve had the privilege to work on many marketing and communications campaigns. We’ve done everything from selling pasta to reducing the high school dropout rate. The two elements of our most successful campaigns are always the same: strategy and creativity, but usually not in equal parts. See, the thing about creativity is that it’s fickle and elusive. It depends on far too many variables. Is the budget there? What’s brand’s tolerance level for “adventure?” In this world of no message control, what will the audiences do with what was supposed…

Next in Social: Human Happiness

Next in Social: Human Happiness

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There have been plenty of studies and content on the topic of social disconnection — how spending time online, and especially social networking, is replacing true human connection, which, in turn, makes us less happy. Being on every social network imaginable, I’ve certainly experienced this for myself. (Is my new ridiculously cute selfie going to get at least 50 likes?? My life depends on this!) But Brené Brown has it right: why we’re here is to be connected to others. Truly connected. What no one seems to be talking about is the reactive but sinister role brands are playing in…

So, you want the relationship between nonprofits and agencies to be productive...

So, you want the relationship between nonprofits and agencies to be productive…

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This is in the category of “speak the unspeakable.” After 15 years of working on the digital teams of nonprofits and communications agencies, one thing has become obvious: the relationship between those two can stand some counseling. You know that when an agency uses “not getting fired” as their metric for success, something’s not going well. And when a nonprofit feels hostage to their agency relationship, a certain dose of intervention is needed. As with all relationships, both sides have to work toward becoming closer and achieving a harmonious partnership—after all, we’re supposed to be changing the world together, right?…

Renée was on fire

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I found one thing to be excited about during last night’s Super Bowl, and it was neither the game, nor the commercials. It was Renée Fleming’s national anthem. Why? Other than simply because it was the best performance I’ve ever heard: It was the first time an opera singer has performed at the Super Bowl. Conceivably, this was the first time some of the 115 million people who watched the game were exposed to a classical singer, hence, the profile of this incredible genre was elevated. She sang LIVE, without a backup vocal track. In the cold. In front of…

“I’ll never let go, blog”

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“R.I.P. The Blog, 1997-2013.” This, coming from Jason Kottke, writer of, one of the longest running blogs on the web. I used to read Of course, I don’t any more, and I only discovered his post through Andrew Sullivan’s site, one of the few blogs I still read every day. Maybe the blog really is dead, as Kottke suggests. But that won’t stop me from having a little space here for our ramblings and rants. I’m old school like that; I started a blog as an angsty 16-year-old, I remember getting validation from blog comments instead of Facebook…

Sharks on Twitter

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What a fabulous idea. Next we’d like to see ex boyfriends and girlfriends implanted with chips, so we get a tweet when they are within a few block radius and must be either confronted on dodged.

How To Ruin Christmas For the World To See

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A naughty boy gets the modern-day lump of coal: an empty box instead of a shiny, new PS4.

Little Unicorn Daniel

Don’t Tell Mama

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So, we’ve done it. Mike and I took the leap, quit our “day jobs”, and now we’re ready to reveal our own digital agency — Little Unicorns. Yes, we agree with you, this name is everything.

Why My Year In Review According to Facebook Depresses Me

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According to Facebook, stuffing my face and a close-up of my backside while back-squatting are in my “Top 20 Moments of 2013.”

The DMV’s Website Is Even More Frustrating Than Being There

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While you might think it would be easier to change your address online rather than actually going to the DMV…it’s not. 

The Day After Paul Walker Died

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Hoax after hoax, month after month.  The result?  The internet is even more unbelievable now than ever before.

Status Update: Drowning

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You’re probably guilty of this: you’re way too into your Facebook, Twitter, favorite news site, which is fine.  But you’re also driving, walking, or talking to someone.

Love Death Immortality

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Electronic powerhouse The Glitch Mob is returning with their second LP Love Death Immortality, and it’s going to be amazing.

For Sale: 2011 Black Honda Civic FREE

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Is braving the streets of D.C. worth the added convenience of owning your own car?

How To Survive A Holiday Party If You’re An Introvert

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To some, holiday parties are a welcome relief from the dynamic stress of the workplace.  To others, they can create even more stress.