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what we do

Little Unicorns provides marketing and communications services to organizations and individuals with whom we feel chemistry. We create identities, experiences, campaigns, communications tools, and positions of influence that earn specific results for our clients. We think of what we do as art with purpose. Please get in touch if you'd like to see examples of our work.

we are a little different

In addition to our mighty team in Washington, DC, we bring together communications experts, designers, developers, artists, poets, and craftsman from all over the world. This gives our clients a tremendous diversity of talent as each project we take on has a unique team of only the best and most qualified. Little Unicorns turned six in January!


Iavor Ivanov

Hi, I’m Iavor Ivanov, a misfit from the world of traditional agencies, and most other places. I founded Little Unicorns because I wanted to try my hardest to do things that make sense, and to do right by my clients. The woman who sparked my passion for communications taught me that brand–the series of accumulated experiences people have with you—is everything you have. Ever since, it’s been my professional mission to help good brands reach their potential.

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